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“Our mission is to turn complex cybersecurity and tech information into empowering, engaging and entertaining superhero stories. Our incredible journey is dedicated to ALL of the unsung heroes who keep us safe in the digital universe. We are VERY committed to Diversity and Inclusion!”

“Queen Jio”

“One of the many lessons that I’ve learned as the victim of an improbable 15-year series of insider cyber attacks is that the ONLY time that people hear about hacking and cybersecurity is when the evil characters win. The CyberHero Adventures is dedicated to all of the unsung heroes who toil in anonymity on a daily basis to keep us safe at work, at home and at school.”

-Gary Berman, Creator

Wilbur Wannacry

Thank you to the Community!!!

Leading experts from cybersecurity, law enforcement, government, military and academia, plus over 21,000 LinkedIn connections, have passionately endorsed The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe


The CyberHero Adventures offers a weapon in the arsenal that can reach widely diverse populations, including some for which other channels are likely to be ineffective.-Dennis G. Ravenelle, Senior Project Manager, Harvard University Information Technology, IT Security


“Storytelling is the best way to explain, and audiences to retain, the real issues facing corporations during the current digital transformation.” –Keith Fuentes, Vice President, Knox Sales, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.


“We’re looking forward to collaborating with CyberHero Adventures to serve our community of people with and without special needs throughout the United States.”
– Corey Yugler, Director, Training & Development, Best Buddies Global Headquarters


“It is vital that parents AND children are on the same page regarding staying safe online.”

-Richard Guerry, Founder, Institute for Responsible Cell Phone and Online Communications We are honored to join the CyberHere Adventures movement.


“Cyberspace needs a hero…in fact, it needs a league of heroes.”
– Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer,

“Dr. G”

“Click here to read AND download the digital version of The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe.”

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Media coverage of The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe”

“In order to distribute The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe at little or no cost to non-profits, families, law enforcement, the military, small businesses and large companies on a global basis, we are partnering with major corporations to sponsor sector-specific, REAL-LIFE cyber crime stories to highlight the risks of real attacks … as well as the necessary steps to prevent them in the future.”

Sectors Include
  • Arts | Entertainment | Media
  • Automobiles | Connected Vehicles
  • Banking | Credit Cards | Insurance | Accounting | Financial Services
  • Critical Infrastructure | Energy | Transportation
  • Education | STEM | Cyber Security Careers
  • Government | DHS | DoD | DoE | Federal Reserve
  • Healthcare | Services & Equipment | Pharma | Education
  • Hospitality | Hotels/Accommodations | Restaurants | Tourism
  • Law Enforcement | Legal Profession
  • Manufacturing | Logistics
  • Military | Army | Navy | Air Force |Marines | National Guard
  • Non-Profits | Charitable Giving | Social Services
  • Retail | In-Store | Online
  • Technology | Internet of Things | Smart Phones | Computers
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“The CyberHero Adventures offers multiple opportunities to enhance your internal communications to avoid “Death by Powerpoint” and/or your external marketing communications regarding cyber awareness and safety, whether your customers are B2B or B2C! We can work with you in any of the following ways:”

“Keynote Presentations”

“A View from the C-Suite: An Insider Threat Case Study”

“The BIG Pivot: From Victim to Advocate”

“The CyberHero Adventures: Super Heroes Make Learning FUN!”

“Making a Difference in the Universe: Non-Profits ROCK!”

You’ll be able to use the digital version of CyberHeroes to promote your event and attendees will receive a printed version with whatever you want to communicate on the inside, front and inside back cover!

Gary L. Berman, Creator

“Custom Publishing”

“Our team of out-of-the-universe creatives geniuses and marketing communications experts will work closely with you to understand YOUR objectives and what your audiences need to become PASSIONATE about within your organization”.

“I.D. Thief”

“Imagine the POWER of your cyber awareness or other messaging by having your leadership team drawn into your customized version of The CyberHero Adventures for internal communications!”

“Internet of Things (IoT)”

“How impactful would it be for a retailer, that when a customer buys a connected device (in-store OR online), to receive a complimentary copy of The CyberHero Adventures helping them keep their family AND organization safe while online, brought to you buy the retailer?

COMING SOON! You will be able to create your OWN mini-comics using our proprietary CyberHero Adventure’s Comic Creator powered by Comic-Bee!


Imagine any or all of our characters promoting YOUR products and/or services!

Toys | Internet of Things | Screen Savers | Clothing | Everything!

The CyberHero Adventure’s Advisory Board

“The CyberHero Adventures comic is the brainchild of Gary L. Berman, a career marketing consultant and entrepreneur whose company – and the families it supported – fell victim to a prolonged series of insider cyber attacks. Feeling powerless, Gary decided to educate himself about cybersecurity, attending conferences, listening to podcasts and learning from the real heroes, the cybersecurity experts in law enforcement, government, education, and business.

The result is this comic and its inaugural issue, which introduces the characters and their origin stories, concluding with a phishing battle between the heroes and villains. “

“Gary’s efforts are guided by a league of cybersecurity experts who embody the qualities of many in the community: they’re sharp, empathetic, selfless, and motivated to make the world a better place. Oh, and they’re fun, too. The comic would not have come to fruition without them:

George Antoniou | a.k.a. “Dr. G” PH.D. | Asst. Professor of Cyber Security Management | St. Thomas University

Tom Brennan |a.k.a. “Glitch” | Founder | Proactive Risk.

Perry Carpenter | a.k.a. “The Master Mind” | Chief Evangelist & Chief Strategy Officer | KnowB4

Anita D’Amico, Ph.D, | a.k.a. “The Catalyst” | Director | Secure Decisions

Keith Fuentes | a.k.a. “Super Agent K”  | Team Lead | KNOX  | Samsung Electronics America

Joseph Rosenbaum Esq., Partner, Rimon P.C. & Outside General Counsel to Cyberman Security, LLC.

Meet Our AMAZING Creative Team
Our team is the “secret sauce” who have made The CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe such a hit with people of ALL ages and backgrounds. In addition to innovative storytelling and beautiful illustrations, our work is grounded in sound “agile learning” principals and the content is vetted by world-class Cyber security experts.

Gary Berman

a.k.a. “Cyber Hero”

Creator | Writer

Valerie Berman

a.k.a. "Professor"

Chief Learning Officer

Gary has more than 30 years of experience in marketing communications with clients such as AT&T, Best Buy, Citibank, Ford, General Motors, P&G and many others. His particular expertise is in demographic analysis and targeted communications. The Original Cyberhero

George Antoniou

a.k.a. “Dr. G”

Co-Writer | Technical Advisor

Gary describes Valerie as the “smart one” in their 30 year marriage. Valerie has a masters degree in curriculum development from Stanford University and a successful career in the educational ecosystem

Julio Alvarez

a.k.a. “Wizard”

Co-Writer | Colors | Product Management

Speaking of education, after a successful 25 year career in cybersecurity with Fortune 500 companies, he has now dedicated himself to giving back as an Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Management at St. Thomas University in sunny South Florida

Julio has a long and illustrious (no pun intended) career as a film maker and he is considered a leading authority on all things comics and animation!

Thank you to our AMAZING partners, Cyberhero!

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